• Insta Finish Cherry Wet Wax

Cherry Wet Wax is a hand or machine applied premium quality pre-softened liquid protectant material combining a special blend of durable- protective resins and special polishing powders. This product will protect aged and newly cured automotive paint coatings both foreign and domestic. Professionals are in awe when they see this high gloss crystalline finish.

BENEFITS: Cherry Wet Wax is a part of a complete finishing system that ranges from compounds through paint protecting products. All P&B Products are designed with the needs of their customers as the first priority. As a result you will find Cherry Wet Wax extremely user-friendly. A Crystalline gloss will be obtained without the headaches of dust, smearing, sticking or streaking. The speed of Cherry Wet Wax is impressive: it drys quickly leaving a durable protected finish. Clean-up is fast because it wipes off rubber moldings, etc. with a clean towel and its dust free removal minimizes shop contamination. Cherry Wet Wax was developed to work well on single- stage urethane, clear coated vehicles and both acrylic enamels and lacquers.


  • Produces a dust free finish.
  • Protects painted surfaces with a high-tech durable resin coating that will retard damage from the environment.
  • Produces a show car finish without the sweat and effort of paste waxes.
  • Will not streak or smear.
  • Versatile
  • Will not irritate eyes or throat.
  • Competitively priced, economical to use and will reduce labor time required to achieve the industries finest finishes.

HOW TO USE: Before beginning application, make sure that painted surfaces are clean, cool and dry. Shake product well before using. Apply a moderate amount of Cherry Wet Wax to a clean terry cloth towel, wax applicator pad or orbital bonnet. Cover area to be glazed with a smooth, front to back motion. Polish to a crystalline shine with a clean terry cloth towel. Remember: Cherry Wet Wax has been designed for ease of application and efficiency. Use sparingly for best results.

1 Gallon Bottle Sold in 1 gallon bottles.

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Cherry Wet Wax

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