• 6/75 Synthetic Ester-Diester Oil Treatment

A high-performance, all season, heavy-duty Synthetic Oil Treatment that safely extends oil change intervals up to 6 months or 7,500 miles, whichever comes first, when added to oil in cars, SUVs and light trucks with gasoline engines. Unlike petroleum oil treatments, 6/75 TM contains genuine, biodegradable, Ester-Diester synthetic oils (also known as jet engine lubricants) which have powerful cleaning actions capable of dissolving and suspending sludge, varnish and carbon deposits to offer protection beyond 3,000 miles under any driving conditions. They keep lubrication ports and channels free flowing, and reduce sticking of piston rings, valves and lifters to quiet noisy engines. They retain their viscosity at extremely high temperatures for extra protection in hot summers, yet pour freely in sub-zero temperatures for easy starting in cold winters. Lowers oil, fuel filter and maintenance costs. Helps protect the environment. Saves time and money.

1 Gallon Bottle Sold in 1 gallon bottles.

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6/75 Synthetic Ester-Diester Oil Treatment

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