• Citrus Air Freshener

If you are looking for a product which creates a fresh and zesty aroma, this Citrus Air Freshener is just the right thing for you. Our product contains a well-balanced blend of fresh citrusy fragrances and aromatic oils, which not only eliminates unpleasant odors, but also ensures that you are left with a long-lasting smell.

The aromatic essences of the Citrus Air Freshener atomize when you spray them and the superfine particles remain suspended in the air to remove the smell associated with mildew, dampness, cigarettes and pets. In this way, you get a fresh and rejuvenating fragrance every time you use the product.

The Citrus Air Freshener can be used in your car, RV or inside the house, especially in the kitchen or bathrooms, which will remind you of a tropical paradise full of exotic fragrances of lemons and oranges. The product comes in 1-gallon bottles and you can spray it directly by using a spritz canister or mix it with water-based cleaning liquids.

1 Gallon Bottle Sold in 1 gallon bottles.

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Citrus Air Freshener

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